Starter's Guide

Welcome to Billomat. Your initial question will surely be how to create your first document, where to edit customer data, or which settings should be fine-tuned to start off with. Don’t worry – even though some navigation steps may seem unfamiliar at first, operating Billomat will soon become second nature to you. Invoices will be created at lightning speed. This starters’ guide is designed to take you through Billomat’s functions step by step. Starting right now, you are only 5 minutes away from your first invoice! We have divided this document into three sections: The first section deals with basic knowledge and tells you which settings need to be adjusted right from the start. Many of these settings are quickly established and, in most cases, will never need to be changed again. It is advisable to review this first chapter as a starting point for working with Billomat. In the following section you will find tips and tricks. We will show you how to further optimize your day-to-day use of Billomat. And the final section will turn you into a Billomat power user. Of course you may set this guide aside at any time and explore Billomat on your own. Or you might want to just skim though the guide and also the other help documents found on our website. The latter will be available to you anytime to help with specific questions you may encounter later. And should you still run into a dead end, you can always field a question in the user forum or send a note to Billomat support (

Section 1: The Basics for Beginners

Section 2: Functionality for Intermediate Users

Section 3: Tips & Tricks for Professional Users