BezahlCode (German for "payment code") is a so-called QR code, which is a two-dimensional barcode. Since it contains the data needed for making a specific bank transfer, it is basically the digital equivalent of a bank-transfer form. Your customers can scan in your BezahlCode with a smartphone and make a payment with just one click.

The advantages are easily apparent: a simple and fast way to make bank transfers, no more mixed up numbers, and payments are received more quickly.

If you want to use BezahlCode, then go to Settings > Administration > Payment methods to activate the service. There you will need to enable the “Transfer” box, and subsequently “Use BezahlCode” as well. As soon as you write your next invoice where bank transfers are accepted as a payment method, then a BezahlCode will automatically appear on your PDF invoice.

If you are using the default template as stationery, then there is no need to make any further adjustments. However, if you’re using your own stationery in the form of a Word document, then you will need to specify the position of the BezahlCode by inserting the placeholder image:[Invoice.bezahlcode].

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