Our partnership with PixelLetter makes it possible for estimates, invoices, and other documents to be sent in letter form. This saves you time that would otherwise be dedicated to printing, sealing envelopes, and moistening stamps, as well as to making a trip to the mailbox. Instead, your letters are sent at just a click of the mouse.

To use this service, you will first need to open a PixelLetter account. Your login data is then entered into Billomat under Settings > Add-ons > PixelLetter.

If you have completed documents that you wish to send in this way, just click on the regular “send” button. Thanks to PixelLetter, you can now use Billomat to send not only emails but letters and faxes as well.

However, please note that additional costs will be incurred by using this option for sending letters and faxes. A current price list is available at www.pixelletter.com/en.

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