Google Cloud Print is a system that enables you to print documents with ease using the Internet. Let’s say you’re in a café with your tablet and want to print out an invoice at home – no problem! Or you could even send an estimate to your client’s printer using your smartphone.

The prerequisite for using this service is a Google account, which can be set up free of charge. Now you can link Billomat to your Google account under Settings > Add-ons > Google Cloud Print. After following these simple steps, your office or home printer will be available to you no matter where you happen to be.

After you have adjusted your Billomat settings, the regular “print” button will be supplemented by a “Cloud Print” button. And when you send the printing command, it is not necessary for your printer to be turned on. All print jobs will be queued until the respective device is switched on.

» Further information can be found in the Blog.

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