RSS and iCal

Billomat’s dashboard provides you with an overview of your account activity. Here you will find all comments associated with documents, booked payments received, or exceeded due dates – all in one place. Yet you can also subscribe to this information via an RSS feed. This has the advantage of you not needing to open Billomat on a daily basis. Instead, you will comfortably receive the information via your feed reader. To activate the RSS feed, simply click on the RSS icon situated to the right side of the Activities bar on the dashboard interface. The URL necessary for subscribing to the RSS feed for your account will then pop up.

CAUTION! Please make sure that this URL does not make its way into the wrong hands, because it links to confidential company data.

While the RSS feed conveys information about issues of the past, the calendar function will help you maintain an overview of future events. By clicking on the small calendar icon on the Activities bar, a URL will appear which you can be import to your calendar software  (e.g., Outlook, Apple iCal, or Google Calendar). Your calendar will for instance display invoice due dates, helping you determine when you may need to take action in the future. Here, too, it is important to protect the confidential nature of your Billomat account by keeping the calendar URL safe.

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