Even more default values and prices

By now you have already become acquainted with many of Billomat’s possible settings. You will have noticed that your daily tasks flow even more smoothly. And now you’re surely comfortable enough with Billomat to take another look at the menu item Settings > Configuration > Default values. Here, in addition to the settings described in Chapter 1 involving discounts and due dates, you may also specify document names. This is a perfect place to integrate placeholders. So you might name your document “Invoice_[Invoice.invoice_number].pdf”, for example.

You also have the opportunity to set deviating default values for individual customers, which can be very helpful. To do so, open up a customer file and then, from there, go to Default values. Here it is possible to determine whether you want to use the general value found in the settings or rather a custom-tailored value. In the latter case, you may either define a fixed value (such as a due date of 14 days from date of invoice) or a relative value (such as -7 for seven days earlier than the standard value for all customers).

In the case of prices, you can specify deviations for individual customers as well. Here you will find various price groups. First you’ll need to determine whether normal prices are meant to apply to a certain customer, or whether deviating prices within a price group should be used instead. This for instance makes it possible to offer all of your regular customers a special price. In addition to the normal prices, you may add prices for each article in up to five price groups.

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