With all of these opportunities for adapting Billomat to your needs, such as your stationery and the web interface, how about customizing additional fields in the customer or article settings? Some of you may need to save special information about a customer, perhaps his shoe size, birthdate, or favorite joke. This is possible under Settings > Configuration > User-defined attributes.

Here you can expand the administration of customers, articles, employees, suppliers and purchase invoices to include self-defined fields. Feel free to add as many fields as you wish. Each field requires a name (what information do you want to save?) and a type (how do you want it to be saved?). Adopting a default value is also an option; it is always used as a default setting when creating a new data record. The checkbox at the bottom makes it possible to retrospectively apply this default value to already existing data records. If you activate the checkbox, then the default value will even be used when the other fields are left empty.

» Further information can be found on the Support Page and in the Blog.

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