Reminder levels

While introductory texts tend to be the same, reminders are a whole different story. The first reminder is customarily still phased in a very friendly manner, while the tone of the second reminder becomes more severe, and by the third one, well … Setting up just one free text for reminders would therefore clearly be too little, which is why you can create as many reminds levels as you’d like under Settings > Documents > Reminder levels.

The name that you assign to your free texts here is for internal use only and serves to help you identify the reminder level. Conceivable designations might be: “Friendly payment reminder,” “2nd reminder,” or “Next comes the lawyer.” It is also possible to go ahead and assign further finance charges to a reminder level. In such a case, the reminder will immediately be expanded to include an additional position for this level.

The reminder levels are tiered, which means that they follow a sequence. When Billomat notices that a reminder has already been sent out for a particular invoice, then the next reminder for this invoice will be preset with the texts specified for the next reminder level. If you would like to use a different text instead (let’s say you don’t want to beat around the bush when addressing your delinquent payers), then you may select any of the preset reminder levels on the right side of the page while editing your reminder. This will cause the texts to be updated.

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