Free texts

In all likelihood, you will usually start your estimates or invoices with a similar (or even the same) text. So that you don’t have to copy and paste this text every time, or even type it in, there is such thing as a free text. Under Settings > Documents > Free texts you can save various texts for use with the different types of documents. Then, when you create a new document, these texts are automatically adopted thanks to your default settings. Of course, you can change the texts located in your settings anytime.

A small tip from the experts: Sometimes only a small section of the text needs to be customized, such as the current month or the salutation. Perfectly suited to such cases are placeholders. So instead of “…for the balance due in May 2012…” you would simply write “…for the balance due in [Date.month_name] [Date.year]…” in the free text. Billomat will then insert the values in the appropriate place, so you won’t need to do any adjusting later yourself. You will learn more about placeholders in Chapter 3.

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