Multiple accounts and multiple customers

Billomat unfortunately does not offer multi-customer capability. However, it is possible to use several accounts, even with the same email address. Each account will have an individualized address with a billomatID.

For example:

  • account 1 has the billomatID “sample1” and can be logged in at
  • account 2 has the billomatID “sample2” and can be logged in at

This allows the operator to be logged into and work with different Billomat accounts at the same time.


  • Bookmark the respective addresses in your browser, so that you are ensured quick access to the Billomat accounts.
  • If a customer is registered with the same email address for several accounts, a menu bar will appear in the upper right corner with a selection of the various accounts.
Alternatively, all clients can be managed within one account and individual invoice templates can be created, all completed with different bank details and tax numbers.
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