Placeholders for reminders and reminder positions


Placeholder Description
[Reminder.invoice_number] invoice number, composed of prefix and running reminder number
[Reminder.number_pre] reminder number prefix
[Reminder.number] running reminder number
[Reminder.label] reminder label
[] reminder date
[Reminder.due_date] reminder due date
[Reminder.due_days] number of days to overdue date starting at reminder date
[Reminder.overdue_days] delay in days since invoice due date
[Reminder.address] complete address in reminder
[Reminder.subject] subject of reminders
[Reminder.intro] introductory text before reminder positions
[Reminder.note] comments after reminder positions
[] total amount of reminder
[Reminder.total_plain] total amount without specifying total currency amount in reminder
[Reminder.open_amount] Open amount
[Reminder.currency_name] name of currency in reminder
[Reminder.currency_code] 3-digit ISO currency code in reminder
[Reminder.level] number of reminder levels
[Reminder.status] Status (e.g. DRAFT, OPEN, ...)

Previous Reminders

You can access all previous reminders, and all placeholders of a reminder are accessible.

In this case, use the prefix PreviousReminder.

For example: You have not responded to our last reminder from [].  

Reminder item positions

The placeholders for the reminder item positions must be included in the block “ReminderItems”.

For example: blockStart_ReminderItems [ReminderItem.title] blockEnd_ReminderItems

Blocks cannot be used in email templates.

Placeholder Description
[ReminderItem.position] reminder item position
[ReminderItem.unit] reminder item unit
[ReminderItem.quantity] reminder item quantity
[ReminderItem.unit_price] price per unit in reminder
[ReminderItem.unit_price_rounded] price per unit in reminder (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[ReminderItem.title] reminder item designation
[InvoiceItem.description] reminder item description
[] reminder item amount
[ReminderItem.total_plain] total amount without specifying currency
[ReminderItem.total_rounded] reminder item amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)


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