Placeholders for invoices, invoice corrections and invoice line items


Placeholders Description
[Invoice.invoice_number] invoice number, composed of the prefix and running invoice number 
[Invoice.number_pre] invoice number prefix
[Invoice.number] running invoice number
[Invoice.label] invoice label
[] invoice date
[Invoice.due_date] invoice due date
[Invoice.due_days] number of days until invoice due date starting with date of invoice
[Invoice.address] complete billing address
[Invoice.discount_rate] discount percentage. If there is no discount there will be no output
[Invoice.discount_rate_nullable] discount percentage. If there is no discount the output will be "0"
[Invoice.discount_date] discount date (to when discount is granted)
[Invoice.discount_days] discount period in days starting with invoice date
[Invoice.discount_amount] discount amount
[Invoice.total_discount] gross total amount with discount applied
[Invoice.intro] introductory text before lines items
[Invoice.note] comments after line items
[Invoice.total_gross] total gross amount
[Invoice.total_net] total net amount
[Invoice.open_amount] open amount
[Invoice.total_gross_plain] total gross amount, without specifying amount
[Invoice.total_net_plain] total net amount without specifying currency
[Invoice.reduction] entered reduction (e.g. "10%" or "10")
[Invoice.reduction_amount] reduction amount
[Invoice.total_gross_unreduced] total gross amount without reduction 
[Invoice.total_net_unreduced] total net amount without reduction
[Invoice.currency_name] name of currency
[Invoice.currency_code] 3-digit ISO currency code
[Invoice.supply_date] date of delivery or service rendered
[Invoice.supply_date_label] record description for date of delivery or service rendered
[Invoice.payment_types] payment methods
image:[Invoice.bezahlcode] payment code (QR code). See This placeholder is only available in Word templates.
[Invoice.bezahlcode_url] URL / content for payment code (BezahlCode)
[Invoice.bezahlcode_text] description text that explains the payment code to the customer
[Invoice.status] Status (e.g. DRAFT, OPEN, ...)

Invoice corrections

Apply the same placeholders as for an invoice. However, in order access the corrected invoice, must be used CorrectedInvoice as a prefix instead of Invoice.


Invoice correction [Invoice.invoice_number] for invoice [CorrectedInvoice.invoice_number] from [].

Invoice item positions

The placeholders for the invoice item positions need to be included in the block “InvoiceItems.”

For example: blockStart_InvoiceItems [InvoiceItem.title] blockEnd_InvoiceItems

Blocks cannot be used in email templates.

Placeholder Description
[InvoiceItem.position] item position number
[InvoiceItem.unit] unit
[InvoiceItem.quantity] quantity
[InvoiceItem.unit_price] price per unit
[InvoiceItem.unit_price_rounded] price per unit (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.tax_name] tax designation
[InvoiceItem.tax_rate] tax rate
[InvoiceItem.tax_amount] tax amount
[InvoiceItem.tax_amount_rounded] tax amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.title] designation
[InvoiceItem.description] description
[InvoiceItem.total_gross] gross amount
[InvoiceItem.total_gross_rounded] gross amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.total_net] net amount
[InvoiceItem.total_net_rounded] net amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.total_gross_plain] total gross amount without specifying currency
[InvoiceItem.total_net_plain] total net without specifying currency
[InvoiceItem.currency_name] name of the currency


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