Placeholders for invoices, invoice corrections and invoice line items


Placeholders Description
[Invoice.invoice_number] invoice number, composed of the prefix and running invoice number 
[Invoice.number_pre] invoice number prefix
[Invoice.number] running invoice number
[Invoice.label] invoice label
[] invoice date
[Invoice.due_date] invoice due date
[Invoice.due_days] number of days until invoice due date starting with date of invoice
[Invoice.address] complete billing address
[Invoice.discount_rate] discount percentage. If there is no discount there will be no output
[Invoice.discount_rate_nullable] discount percentage. If there is no discount the output will be "0"
[Invoice.discount_date] discount date (to when discount is granted)
[Invoice.discount_days] discount period in days starting with invoice date
[Invoice.discount_amount] discount amount
[Invoice.total_discount] gross total amount with discount applied
[Invoice.intro] introductory text before lines items
[Invoice.note] comments after line items
[Invoice.total_gross] total gross amount
[Invoice.total_net] total net amount
[Invoice.open_amount] open amount
[Invoice.total_gross_plain] total gross amount, without specifying amount
[Invoice.total_net_plain] total net amount without specifying currency
[Invoice.reduction] entered reduction (e.g. "10%" or "10")
[Invoice.reduction_amount] reduction amount
[Invoice.total_gross_unreduced] total gross amount without reduction 
[Invoice.total_net_unreduced] total net amount without reduction
[Invoice.currency_name] name of currency
[Invoice.currency_code] 3-digit ISO currency code
[Invoice.supply_date] date of delivery or service rendered
[Invoice.supply_date_label] record description for date of delivery or service rendered
[Invoice.payment_types] payment methods
image:[Invoice.bezahlcode] payment code (QR code). See This placeholder is only available in Word templates.
[Invoice.bezahlcode_url] URL / content for payment code (BezahlCode)
[Invoice.bezahlcode_text] description text that explains the payment code to the customer
[Invoice.status] Status (e.g. DRAFT, OPEN, ...)
[Invoice.customerportal_url] The URL to the invoice in the customer portal
[Invoice.external_order_id] allows the display of an Order-ID delivered via API (e.g., Shopify)
[Invoice.external_payment_transaction_id] allows the display of a payment transaction which is delivered via API (e.g., Shopify)

Invoice corrections

Apply the same placeholders as for an invoice. However, in order access the corrected invoice, must be used CorrectedInvoice as a prefix instead of Invoice.


Invoice correction [Invoice.invoice_number] for invoice [CorrectedInvoice.invoice_number] from [].

Invoice item positions

The placeholders for the invoice item positions need to be included in the block “InvoiceItems.”

For example: blockStart_InvoiceItems [InvoiceItem.title] blockEnd_InvoiceItems

Blocks cannot be used in email templates.

Placeholder Description
[InvoiceItem.position] item position number
[InvoiceItem.unit] unit
[InvoiceItem.quantity] quantity
[InvoiceItem.unit_price] price per unit
[InvoiceItem.unit_price_rounded] price per unit (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.tax_name] tax designation
[InvoiceItem.tax_rate] tax rate
[InvoiceItem.tax_amount] tax amount
[InvoiceItem.tax_amount_rounded] tax amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.title] designation
[InvoiceItem.description] description
[InvoiceItem.total_gross] gross amount
[InvoiceItem.total_gross_rounded] gross amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.total_net] net amount
[InvoiceItem.total_net_rounded] net amount (rounded to 2 decimal places)
[InvoiceItem.total_gross_plain] total gross amount without specifying currency
[InvoiceItem.total_net_plain] total net without specifying currency
[InvoiceItem.currency_name] name of the currency


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