Placesholders for your own company

Placeholder Description
[] company name
[Company.salutation] company greeting
[Company.first_name] company first name
[Company.last_name] company surname
[Company.street] company street
[] company zip code
[] company location
[Company.state] company state, province, or region
[] company country
[Company.postal_address] postal address formatted according to country
[] company phone
[Company.fax] company fax
[] company mobile phone
[] company email
[Company.www] company website
[Company.tax_number] company tax number
[Company.vat_number] company sales tax ID number
[Company.bank_account_owner] company bank account holder
[Company.bank_number] company bank routing number
[Company.bank_name] company bank name
[Company.bank_account_number] company bank account number
[Company.bank_swift] SWIFT/BIC
[Company.bank_iban] IBAN
[Company.sepa_creditor_id] SEPA Creditor Identifier


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