Customer import

Customer data may be imported from other systems in Billomat, and a wide variety of different import formats are available. The import process is nevertheless identical in many ways:


  • Access the main menu item “customer” and click on the import button in the upper right corner.
  • Select import format:
  • Finally, all data ready to be imported will be displayed again.
    • Errors (e.g., missing required information, data entered in an invalid format , etc.) are displayed in red.
    • The data can be changed by clicking on the cells.
    • Changed data is displayed in bold lettering.
    • Each line has a checkbox. The data will be imported if ticked.
    • A summary of the import can be found on the right side. Please note that a complete import may be not possible due to a limited Billomat subscription .
    • Links at the bottom of the right side can be found for marking records: either all, none, or only those without errors may be marked.
  • A click on “start import” will import the data into Billomat.
  • Finally, all imported data will be listed once more.
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