CSV import

The instructions for the CSV import are located in the “Customer import” section of this Billomat manual. If you select the format CSV, then you will need to complete following steps:

  • Select the data you want to import and possibly adjust some formatting items, such as separators, etc. Generally, no changes are necessary.
  • After uploading the file, the fields in the CSV file will need to be allocated to the fields in Billomat.
  • The content of the data file is displayed in the left column. The appropriate field in Billomat can be selected in the next column.
  • If a column in the CSV file is associated with a Billomat field, then a default value for this field may also be assigned. The default value is used whenever the file import value has not been found. Specifying a default value is optional.
  • Move to the next data unit in the right column. This might be useful in case the first item of a data set cannot be identified.
  • At the bottom of this page, Billomat fields are initialized to fixed values. If for instance the import file deals with customers from China, then the country can be stated as a solid value: “China.” China will then appear automatically as the country for all of the imported data.

This completes the especially necessary steps for the CSV import. Follow the next steps in the “Customer import” section.

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