Under Settings > Administration > Notifications you can specify which user should be informed when certain events take place (e.g., a particular payment deadline has been reached). On this page you will find a table where one column is allocated for each employee. The rows in turn contain the events for which Billomat can automatically send notifications. If you would like an employee to receive an e-mail when a certain event occurs, then activate the appropriate checkbox. Notifications are then sent to the e-mail address associated with this particular employee.

For some events (e.g., an error arising during the automatic transmission of a progress invoice) it is mandatory that a recipient be specifically selected. These events are marked with an asterisk. If no employee has been specified as a recipient for this notification, then the e-mail will be sent to the administrative contact (account owner).

Please note that several notifications are not available under all subscription plans. Should a notification not be accessible under your current contract, then the respective row will be shaded in gray. In this case, the checkboxes are likewise deactivated in the respective row.

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