User-defined attributes

The administration of customers, articles, and employees can be extended to include additional items fields. This is accomplished through so-called “user-defined attributes.” Each attribute can be associated with a text field, a multi-line text field, or a checkbox. Furthermore you are able to define a standard value which is used when a new record is created.

Creating attributes

Attributes are organized under settings > configurations > user-defined attributes. The attributes are listed separately for customers, products, and employees. In list view, the order can be changed with the arrow symbols at the beginning of each attribute line.
Click on an attribute you want to edit. At the end of the line is the name of the placeholder, which can be used in a variety of texts and in the stationery templates.

The default value is used to create a new file. If so desired, it can also be used for data where no value is specified. In that case, tick the check box under the template.

Completing the attributes

Internally generated attributes are displayed in the management of customers, articles, or people as a separate tab. The information can be called up depending on the attribute as a single-line or multi-line text box or a checkbox. The text fields have a selection feature whereby values for an attribute that has already been entered under other records will appear and can be selected with a click.


The content of the user-defined attributes can be used by placeholders in texts or in the Word template for personal stationery. The placeholder name is always structured in the format [XXXX.propertyYYYY]. XXXX corresponds to the name of the object (customer, article, and user) and YYYY is a number. The exact name of an attribute is under settings > User-defined attributes.

For example, a text field has been added for the extension phone line of administrative staff. Let us assume that the placeholder name would be [User.property1234]. This would allow for emails to be produced with the following text:

For further information, please call [User.first_name] [User.last_name] at extension [User.property1234].

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