Users and employees

In Billomat, you can create and manage employees depending on the plan you have chosen. These employees can then log in with their e-mail address and password.

Each employee can have specific settings for language, time zone, newsletter subscription, goodies, and signature.

The API access for each employee can be switch on or off. Each employee will only be able to reach his or her own API access.

Employees may be assigned an unlimited number of user-defined attributes.

Changing an email address

If the email address of an existing employee is changed in the system, he or she will be sent an automated email with a confirmation link to the new address. The employee can only log in with the new address once this link has been clicked. Until then, the old email address remains valid.

Adding new employees

New employees will be sent an email with password and confirmation link. Once they have confirmed by clicking the link, they will be able to log in with their access data.

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