Create your own templates with Microsoft Word

General information on creating your own templates

Inserting placeholders

  • In Word 2000 or 2003, go to the tab “Insert” and select the screen “Field .” If using Word 2007, you will find the command under the tab “Insert” and then “Quick Parts”.
  • Under “Quick Parts” select the category “Mail Merge”. The path “MergeField” will appear. Please note the exception: in Word 2000, “MERGEFIELD” remains. Then add the placeholder, for example [], in square brackets. Click “OK” and the placeholder will appear at the appropriate place in the Microsoft Word document.
  • Repeat the first two steps to add further placeholders. The text of the placeholders can be changed in the Word document. The formatting of the placeholders is flexible and will remain even if the actual values are replaced.

Inserting blocks

Blocks need to be marked on both ends. Therefore, two bookmarks are needed: one at the beginning of the block and one at the end.

The cursor should be placed at the desired place in order to add a bookmark. Then add the description by opening the “Insert” menu and clicking on “Bookmark” and click on “Add .”

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