Creating your own templates in

General information on creating your own templates

Please always save OpenOffice templates in RTF format or the placeholders will not be recognized.

WARNING: The use of OpenOffice is not recommended because the RTF export in OpenOffice is defective and can cause processing errors!

Insert placeholders

To begin with, you will need to download the database file with the Billomat placeholders and add it to the writer. This database file is a basic Calc document in ODS format and contains all of the placeholders that can be used in Billomat. Download data.

  • At the main “Insert” menu, select the command “Fields” > “Other ” > “Database.”
  • The database can now be added. Click “Browse ” and select the file you just downloaded by the name of Billomat.ods.
  • The Billomat database will now appear in the selection.
  • Open the database and choose a specific placeholder from the various records.

Inserting blocks

A block needs to be marked at the start and the end. Two bookmarks are necessary for each block, one for the beginning of the block and one for the end.

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