Currency and localization

Billomat has already integrated many currencies. We would appreciate being contacted by you should a currency be missing, and we will add it immediately.

Default currency

The default currency of an account is very important because all of the statistics and aggregate numbers are displayed in that currency. If there is an occasional need to create an invoice in another currency, it will be necessary to use a currency converter to convert the amount into the standard currency.

The default currency can be changed at any time. However, all currency conversion rates need to be adapted as well. A change has the following effects:

  • All reports, statistics and charts will use the new currency
  • Existing documents (invoices, estimates, credit notes, etc.) will not be changed apart from the conversion rate (relating to the default currency).
  • All conversion rates for documents using the new currency will be assigned conversion rate “1.”
  • All conversion rates of documents that are NOT in the new currency need to be adjusted manually.
  • All linked document amounts (receipts, etc.) are also converted at the exchange rate of the standard currency.
  • New documents will be created with the new currency (unless a different currency had been chosen during the process).

The locale

The locale specifies the language used in the documents for the formatting of numbers, dates and times. By the way: The locale can be individually adjusted for each customer in the customer file.

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