Mail server (SMTP / IMAP)

SMTP (outgoing mail)

Billomat makes it possible for you to send documents via email. By default, the emails are sent directly from the Billomat server with your email address as the sender.

Some email recipients, however, verify the so-called “SPF record.” If a server sends emails under a certain name, the verification will fail and the email will be classified as spam.
It is frustrating if your emails end up in the spam filter of the recipient.

Billomat has a solution:

If you host your own email server or have access to the DNS settings of your domain, then set a specific SPF record for the Billomat server, which means that you are allowing the Billomat server to send emails with your email address. Since this might be a complicated procedure, it may be easier to try the following:

Simply set up the access data for the outgoing mail server (SMTP server).
This is the same data that needs to be entered into your email program for sending emails.

Billomat then uses your SMTP server when you send emails through the Billomat system. The emails will no longer be sent directly from the Billomat server but instead from your personal server, and there will be no more problems with SPF and spam. Of course, your provider must have configured the SPF record for your SMTP server for it to work properly.

IMAP (email archiving)

Emails sent through the Billomat system may also be stored in your own IMAP mailbox. They may, for example, appear in the “sent folder.”

You need to enter the access data to your own IMAP mailbox under: settings > Administration > mail server (SMTP / IMAP). For many popular email providers our setup wizard makes this very easy by having you enter your email address and password.

Please do not forget to select the folder in which the emails should be saved!


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