Documents: Standard templates

Billomat has two default templates, both easily adjustable directly in the browser. If the choice between the standard templates is not sufficient, own templates can be uploaded in Word format.

Step 1: Select a template

Billomat provides templates for your PDFs. Choose one of the templates and an appropriate paper size.

Step 2: Header and footer

Headers and footers appear on all pages of your documents if this function has been activated.

You may upload a logo to be displayed in the header. It needs to be in JPG format and will be placed in the left upper corner of your document at a size of ca. 200 dpi (100 pixel equates to 12.5 mm).

In addition, you can enter text that will appear right-aligned at the top of each page. This is a good place for you to enter your address and contact details.

Any text or placeholder can be used. Placeholders will automatically be replaced by the details of your company as part of the PDF creation process, so there is no need to enter the data repeatedly. A selection of available placeholders can be found at placeholders.

The header has eleven lines available for text or graphics. It is best to stay within this limit, because if your header is longer than eleven lines, it will print over the top of the subsequent text.

The footer has three columns available for text. Here you may wish to list your bank account, tax number, legal domicile, or other pertinent information.
The use of placeholders is possible in the footer as well.

Step 3: Other settings

Specify colors, font, and font size, as well as other parameters.

Step 4: Font and stationery

You have the option of either using your own templates or of uploading your own forms or stationery.

In the first case, no further action usually needs to be taken.

If you want to upload your own stationery, make sure that you are using a JPG image in RGB format. The image is placed over the entire size of the A4 paper format (21 × 29.7 cm) behind the actual content of the PDF, and it should be large enough that it does not pixelate.

If you use your own stationery, it is normally not necessary to add headers or footers.

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