Optional positions

Optional positions may be added to the normal estimate positions. These appear within the estimates, however they are not included in the final sum total of the estimate. More details are to be found in our blog.

Estimate status

An estimate always has a specific status:

  • Draft
    Unlimited changes can be made to an estimate only in draft mode. The estimate needs to be completed to be able to perform other transactions, such as dispatch. The completion of an estimate terminates the draft mode.
  • Open
    A completed estimate automatically has the status “open.”
  • Lost
    If the customer rejects the estimate, it can be marked as “lost.”
  • Won
    If the customer is satisfied with the estimate and completes an order, then the estimate is marked as “won.” Further forms may then be created from the estimate, such as invoices, order confirmations, recurring invoices, and delivery notes.
  • Cleared
    Successful estimates can be marked as “cleared” once the services have been invoiced with one or several invoices.
  • Canceled
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