Dealing with progress invoices

Progress invoices are basically ordinary invoices that can be created for services rendered under the terms of a contract. Billomat therefore does not provide a separate template.

Progress invoices (first, second, third, etc.)

  1. Unlimited numbers of progress invoices can be created until the project is completed with a final invoice.
    Hint: If more than one progress invoice will be used, it is advised to name the progress invoices “first progress invoice,” “second progress invoice,” etc.
  2. Important: The payment date needs to be included in the invoice (a detailed description may be added as an attachment).
  3. Insert items:
    1. Insert a description of a contract, possibly including a reference to the total amount of the contract and the amount due as part of the progress invoice.
    2. The second progress invoice:
      1. the amount due as part of the contract is entered
      2. any payments already received are deducted
  4. At the end, the balance for the progress invoice is calculated for this performance phase of the contract.

Final invoice

A final invoice needs to be raised for all processes using progress invoices, whereby the terminology used here is flexible .

  1. All progress and final invoices are created with individual (sequential) numbers automatically set by Billomat.
  2. Insert positions:
    1. Insert total amount of the project.
    2. Deduct all progress invoices and payments received (including invoice number and date of payment). To deduct an amount, set the deposits with a minus sign in front of the amount. These payments will be deducted from the total amount, with only the outstanding balance remaining.
  3. The outstanding balance is listed at the bottom.


The default template does not replace the wording “invoice” with “progress invoice.” It is possible to show a warning about the fact that this is an interim invoice in the introductory text. With a word template (under “own templates”), you may create customized progress invoices and final account templates for use with any progress invoices.

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