General information

New documents can be created by pursuing one of the following options:

  • Directly in the customer file
    Open the desired customer. A selection of options for every type of document (with the exception of reminders) can be found on the right side under the tab “new document.”
  • Under the menu item “Documents”

    After having chosen the document type, click on the button “create” on the right side. In the following mask, you can choose the desired customer, to whom the document shall be sent.

  • In the document index
    In the document index tab, select the type of document and click the button “new invoice.” The specific customer can be selected in the ensuing template.
  • By copying
    Copies may be made of all documents.
  • By creating other documents
    Many documents can be created based upon other types of documents. For example, both an invoice and a delivery note might be created directly from an estimate. This offers the advantage that documents created from other documents are automatically linked with each other (see the “Links ” tab), and it will simplify the search for all documents related to a task.

Editing – only in draft mode

In principle, documents are only editable as a draft. The preview function assists with the confirmation of correct content and the appearance of a document.
The completion of a document terminates the draft mode. No further changes are possible. However, now further processes, such as a delivery note, can be performed.

Numbers and number ranges

In the settings under the menu item “documents”, you are able to define ranges of invoice numbers for each document type. The serial number increases automatically with each new document. Should a higher starting number be required, it is possible to adjust the numbering in the document manually.


Unlimited numbers of items can be added to a document. This proves to be an advantage if you have well-maintained articles with texts, prices, and taxes already filed.

Introduction and explanatory notes

Introductions and explanatory notes are set up automatically with each new document, and they are filled with the text you specified in the template presets.

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