Invoices can be created from the following documents in addition to the general procedure for creating new documents:

Invoice status

An invoice always has a certain status:

  • Draft
    Unlimited changes can be made to an invoice only in draft mode. The invoice needs to be completed to be able to perform other transactions, such as dispatch or receipt of payment. The completion of an invoice terminates the draft mode.
  • Open
    A completed invoice automatically has the status “open” if the payment period has not been exceeded.
  • Overdue
    As soon as the payment period of a completed invoice has been exceeded, the invoice will automatically be moved into the “overdue” level. It now will be possible to create a reminder notice.
  • Paid
    As soon as the option “Mark invoice as paid” has been applied to the receipt of a payment, the status of the invoice will be set as “paid.”
  • Canceled
    A invoice correction needs to be created for every canceled invoice.

Receipt of payment

Receipts can be made for open and overdue invoices. Open the invoice and click the tab “Enter payment.”
Then enter the amount, the payment method, and the date. It is also possible to add comments and further information.

In the case of partial payments, do not select the option “Mark invoice as paid”.

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