Recurring invoices

Using the recurring invoicing method is an easy and fast way to create repeat invoices.

Recurring invoices themselves are no documents or invoices, but rather templates for the creation of invoices.
Within the text fields, all items can be used in the same way as within an invoice.


It is possible for you to determine when and how often your invoice should be generated. You may set an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually) and determine the time of day at which the action is to be performed.

If a monthly cycle has been chosen, the date may be shifted to a previous date if the desired day does not lie in the month in question.

Example: If January 31, 2010 is set as a date, then for the following month the date will be changed to February28, 2010, since there is no February 31. The “last day of the month” can also be selected.
The date of the next invoice generation must always be in the future. If no date has been specified, then no invoice will be created, which means that the recurring invoice process is inactive.


How often should an invoice be created using the recurring invoicing feature?
You can specify whether a recurring invoice is to be created indefinitely, up to a maximum number of times, or until a certain date has been reached.


What should happen with the raised invoice? There is a choice of the following functions:

  • create: The invoice will be generated in draft mode.
  • complete: The invoice will be generated and completed. It then can no longer be changed.
  • send by email: The invoice is generated, completed, and sent by email. By clicking on the link “Open e-mail settings” you may adjust various settings. For example, you may enter as many recipients as you wish. Or you can specify the content of the e-mail’s text and subject fields. It is also possible to include attachments.
  • send by mail: The invoice is generated, completed and sent by mail. By clicking on the link “Open letter settings”, you may select further settings like, for example, color, print type or paper thickness. For this purpose, the connection to PixelLetter and sufficient credit in your PixelLetter account are important.


What stationery should be used for the generated invoice? (This in only relevant if “complete” action has been selected.)


The tab “links” lists all of the invoices that have been generated either automatically or manually from the recurring account.

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