Reminders (in contrast to other documents) can only be created for overdue invoices.

Different levels of reminders

Reminders may be created in various and unlimited levels. It is not necessary, though advisable, to create levels for the reminders.
The sequence of reminders is created by the specific text used. These text modules are generated using definitive reference lines (e.g., “reminder,” “2nd warning,” etc.) for either the introductory or closing lines of the letter.

A finance charge can be added to each level of the reminder letters and will appear as an additional position in the reminder.
The first reminder of an overdue invoice will appear automatically with the text for the first level, with the option of added finance charges. The subsequent reminder will use the content of the second level.
A different reminder level may be selected by clicking on a specific reminder level on the right border. This enables the choice of repeating a level or skipping a level.

The overdue amount of the invoice is already allotted a position in the template. Further positions, for instance for finance charges or postage, might be added as would be the case with a normal invoice.

Multiple reminders

If the invoice remains unpaid, a second reminder can be created. Billomat will automatically select the template for the next reminder level.

In the list of all reminders, only the latest reminder is listed. If other, older reminders for the same account exist, then a plus symbol will appear in front of the line. Use this plus symbol to display additional information about the reminders.

Payments for reminders

Payments cannot be assigned directly to reminders but need to be allocated to the overdue invoice. Once the invoice has been receipted and closed, all related reminders will automatically be marked as paid.

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