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Article data can be imported into Billomat from other systems. The data must be in CSV format. Each item represents exactly one line of the CSV file data. The order in which the individual item information is available is just as irrelevant as the labels for each column. This can be omitted completely.

To import the data, follow these steps:

  • Open main menu Articles and click the “import” button in the upper right corner.
  • Select “import-CSV format.”
  •  Select the data file and adjust formatting information, such as separators, etc., if necessary. As a rule, no changes will need to be made.
  • After the data upload, the individual fields from the data file need to be assigned to the Billomat fields.
    • The left column contains the content of the data file. Next to it is the appropriate field for Billomat.
    • If a column in the CSV data file is sorted to a Billomat field, there is also space for a default value. This default value can always be used in case there is no import value. The use of a default value is optional.
    • Switch to the next data unit in the right column. This might be useful in case the first match of the data is ambiguous.
    • At the bottom of this page, Billomat fields are initialized to fixed values. If for instance the import file deals with customers from China, then the country can be stated as a solid value: “China.” Then China will appear automatically as the country for all of the imported data.
  • After allocating the fields, all of the data will be displayed once more.
  • Errors (e.g., missing required information, data entered in an invalid format, etc.) are displayed in red.
  • The data can be changed by clicking on the cells.
  • Changed data is displayed in bold lettering.
  • Each line has a checkbox. The data will be imported if ticked.
  • A summary of the import can be found on the right side. Please note that a complete import may be not possible due to a limited Billomat subscription .
  • There are links at the bottom of the right side for marking records: either all, none, or only those without errors can be marked.
  • A click on “Begin import” will import the data into Billomat.
  • Finally, all imported data will be listed once more.
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