Shopify App

Billomat offers at an App for the popular Cloud Ecommerce Solution from Shopify.

With this app, incoming Orders can be processed automatically or manually with Billomat:

  • The orderer can be created or updated as client in Billomat
  • A draft invoice for the order can be created and tagged in Billomat
  • The invoice can be completed with the desired invoice template

With this, invoices can be created with a couple of clicks or completely automated, without a manual data transfer from Shopify to Billomat.

Setup the Shopify App

Step 1: Installation in the Shopify Store

To install the Shopify App from Billomat, visit and enter the Shopify URL from your Shopify Store.

The App is installed After the login in Shopify and you can find it in your Store Admin at the menu item "Apps".
After this step the App can access your Shopify orders.

Step 2: Link with Billomat

Next you have to link the app with Billomat, so it can access your Billomat Account. Specify your billomatID and API key after the Login at

You can use the API key from your current user or you can create a new user especially for the Shopify App. With a separat user you can see in Billomat when the shopify has created an invoice.
Please note: The user needs sufficient rights. Necessary are at least the following rights:

  • Clients: edit
  • Invoices: edit
  • Settings > Documents: edit

You can see addinional settings and your Shopify orders after the successful linking with Billomat.

Step 3: Configuration

Settings.pngDepending on the configuration of your Billomat account, the App offers you different possible settings:

Order processing

You can choose the level of automation of order processing through the App:

  1. No automated Order processing
    No Shopify Orders are processed automatically
  2. Create Billomat Invoice from Shopify Order
    For every new Shopify order an (tagged) draft invoice will be created automatically, containing all ordered items and shipping fees. If the orderer doesn't exists in Billomat, it will be created. Otherwise his data will be updated.
  3. Create and complete Billomat Invoice from Shopify Order
    Includes the previus step, but also completes the invoice with the desired letterpaper template.

Invoice Template

If you have more than one invoice template, you can choose one for completion of the invoices.

If you only use the default template, this option isn't available.

Invoice tag

You can define a tag for the generated invoices of the App.

Working with the App


Depending on your settings for the order processing, the app automatically handles orders from your Shopify Store. If everthing is setup as desired, you don't have to call the App again and new invoices should appear in Billomat with every new order in Shopify.

Additionally to the automated processing you can initiate the invoice creation directly from the app on demand by hand. So you are able to create invoices from older existing orders and you are in complete control over the created invoices.

For this purpose you can find buttons for Creation (Create Invoice) and Completion (Complete Invoice) of the invoices.

Invoices created from the listet orders are shown with invoice number, date and state.

Important notes

The App supports different currencies, considers shipping fees and detects wether it should be a gross and net invoice.

Currently there is no support of multiple tax rates. If an order has multiple tax rates, the invoice may be not correct.

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