Google Cloud Print

Printer setup for Google Cloud Print

Printers must be connected to a computer on which Google Chrome has been installed, and you need to have a Google account.

In Chrome, select Options > Details > Google Cloud Print.

Activating Cloud Print in Billomat

After setting up and connecting the printer to a Google account (see above), this account can then be shared with Billomat (and thus the available printers). Google Cloud Print can be activated for Billomat under Settings > Add-ons > Google Chrome Print. You will be automatically forwarded to Google. If this does not occur, then you must first login to your Google account. The first time you do so, Google will ask whether Billomat is permitted to access the Cloud Print printer. This needs to be confirmed.

After successful activation, all available printers will be listed. Once the first print job for Billomat has been started, the printer used in the process is then shown in bold lettering and marked as the default printer. This printer will be preselected for all following jobs.

Printing of documents

All completed documents show a further button for Cloud Print below the print button.
Click to open the Cloud Print window. You can select the printer, set the printing options, and then start the printing process. Please note that this may take a little time.

In case the printer has not been turned on, the print job will be suspended until a connection is available. The printer can be switched on later, even if the print job may have already been started.

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