Create and delete articles

To manage your articles in the best possible way, you already have several setting options available when creating them. Besides to the standard, the designation, the description, and the price, you can adjust more fields to your needs.

You can give your articles a unity. As an example, wood can be sold either per meter or per cubic meter. The choice of how the unit should be called is up to you. If you have not created the desired unit yet, you can add it by clicking on the pencil icon.

In the price groups, you can enter different prices for a total of five groups. These groups identify groupings of customers who receive a different price from the standard pricing for the article.

You can also set whether your item is a product or a service.

Do you only sell products or provide services? Then you can also define the article type by default for all articles. To do this, go to the settings for your default values via the menu Settings> Configuration> Default values> Other. Here you can define for your whole account if your articles are products or services.

The text boxes "Revenue Account" and "Cost Center" are interesting if you do not want to use the default accounting settings for the article. You can see your current chart of accounts under Settings> Configuration> Accounting. If you leave the fields empty, the default will be used.

Finally, you can set the purchase price and the associated suppliers. These two fields affect how you see your entries in the control center and supplier overview. To keep your entries as precise as possible, it is worthwhile to always fill in these fields.

If all the fields are not enough for you, you can add extra text boxes or checkboxes. The text boxes and checkboxes are created under Settings> Configurations> User-defined attributes.


Delete or archive an article

As long as items have not been used in your invoices yet, you have the option to delete them. Instead of deleting the articles, you can archive them. Archived articles, like deleted articles, are no longer visible in your article list. But you can reactivate them at any time. Thus, you have the advantage of being able to undo an accidental deletion at any time.

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