You already got to know Billomat's basic structure. The following part is about turning your work with Billomat even more efficient and user-friendly. As you certainly have already noticed, Billomat offers an immense variety of features. It is hence very improbable that you are going to use them equally and equally often. In order for you not to have to click through a whole list of gadgets to get to the important part for you, you can define your favourites. This way, you can get faster to where you are being needed!

Your favourites are displayed on the left side at the very top of the sidebar. This way, you will always find what you need right away. That comprises usually invoices, offers and reminders. Through the gear next to the word „Favourites“ you can change these categories. Currently, there are 15 categories at your disposal, which can all be selected at the same time. All document types, articles, customers, reports and sales can be linked here.

In case a number with a green border appears on the left side next to the category, it means that there is still an action required. It can be an overdue invoice or reminder, or an overdue offer.

With the plus sign on the right side of some categories, you will get faster to the area where you can add new items to the category. These can be customers, suppliers, articles or any other kind of document.

Simply try it and contact us under support@billomat.com in case you still have any questions.

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